Ladies Gym

A separate 2,500 sq ft dedicated Ladies Only Gym, away from the mixed facilities. 

The Ladies Only Gym is equipped with Cardiovascular equipment - Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Cycles, Steppers, Rowing Machines as well as a freeweights section and resistance equipment.  The freeweights area has flat and incline benches, 2 sets of dumbbells, a set of fixed weight barbells and also a Life Fitness Squat Rack. 

We also have a full set of Life Fitness Circuit Series machines incorporating a Lifeband Resistance System, this proprietary technology provides a smooth and consistent resistance profile regardless of speed and movement. The machines have push button controls which are so easy to use and less intimidating for new exercisers than traditional pin systems.  Circuit series is easy to use and it isn’t intimidating, which makes it ideal for a diverse range of exercisers and those new to strength training.

Traditional pin operated resistance machines are also available in this area.

The Ladies Gym is staffed by female staff only, and is suitable for any shape, any size and any level of fitness.  Whether you goal is weight loss, muscle tightening or just general well-being our expert staff are here to help.