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Meet the Team

Meet our
Personal Trainers

Sam Parker
As a Personal Trainer I am dedicated to helping people reach their goals and make them into reality. I believe with the right knowledge and support you can achieve anything.
Sam ParkerPersonal Trainerfitmamspt@gmail.com
Rebecca Purvis
As a trainer I believe in an educational and sustainable approach to fitness by developing life-long healthy habits. With the most important thing being that you enjoy the process.
Rebecca PurvisPersonal Trainerrebeccapurvis.pt@gmail.com
Elisa Ciubotaru
As a passionate Personal Trainer, I'm here to be your guide on this transformative journey.
Elisa CiubotaruPersonal Trainerxelisaptx@gmail.com
Hannah Sanderson
Are you looking for a personal trainer with a unique edge of experience in the world of dance? With years of experience as a semi-professional ballerina, I focus on using my expertise to help you achieve your body goals!
Hannah SandersonPersonal Trainerhannahsanderson03@hotmail.com

Personal Training & Mentoring

Personal Training and Mentoring is great if you want to optimise your health, strength, fitness, wellbeing and most importantly energy levels.

Whether your target is Losing Weight, Building Strength or just General Fitness and Toning, our friendly Personal Trainers will both coach and mentor you to achieve your specific goals.

We will help you set realistic goals, improve your mindset for success, create great new habits, advise and mentor on diet and nutrition and design great exercise regimes that will get results as fast and safely as possible.

This is not just a gym instructor giving you a program and making you do it, this is full on mentoring where we are your partner in optimisation.

When you book a block of at least 5 sessions you will e mail your coach/mentor details of what you have eaten and at what times, on a daily basis for the first 30 days, along with a record of all exercise done.

This way, you know you're not alone, you have a guide helping and encouraging you daily and most importantly "helping you to create a new habit" that is sustainable and is programmed into your sub-conscious mind (so that you are not relying on shear will-power on a moment to moment basis). 

On your first visit we will discuss your health and fitness goals, exercise history, lifestyle and nutritional habits. With regular contact, monitoring and motivation you will soon see the results you have worked so hard to achieve.

Personal Training is available to members and non members at a reasonable cost per hour and is amazing value in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Why spend unlimited time training on a trial and error basis when you can have access to coaches who have spent years perfecting their craft so that they can pass the benefits to you in a fraction of the time.  


Call us on 0191 2321837 for details (T&Cs apply).